If you missed it at the 2021 Harlem International Film Festival, you can now watch YOUTH v GOV on Netflix just in time to celebrate this historic legal outcome and move ahead to the next step in this important fight for climate justice and securing a clean and healthy world for all our children for generations to come!

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News from the Youth v. Gov team…

“Folks…this is a HUGE win for the Juliana plaintiffs featured in YOUTH v GOV Film!!!

Today, Judge Ann Aiken ruled in favor of the youth. After almost 8 years in this case, many of these young people are now adults, but they are ready to go to trial and present their evidence and have their case heard based on its merits!

Our Children’s Trust has a list of actions you can take, asking the DOJ (AG Merrick Garland) to NOT mandamus this case and to let the case proceed to trial, rather than use the extradorinary measures that the Trump administration took to delay, delay, delay.

Please visit their page of actions and be part of this historic event:

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