19th Edition

Extended Dates

May 16-26, 2024




What They Said…

"I wanted to congratulate you on your festival and say how pleased and honored I was that the first festival my film was in, in the USA, was Harlem. We went on the Harlem Heritage walking tour and spent every day in Harlem. What an amazingly rich history of leaders, musicians, writers... Wow! thank you for the opportunity. I wish your festival every success in the years to come."

Jan Fumiko Kiyooka, Award-winning Hi Alum (Canada)

"Awesome. You guys do a great job. Can't wait to come back... "

Kelly Amis, Award-winning Hi Alum (US)

"Harlem International Film Festival gave me the confidence in myself and as an artist to always create stories I believe in…"

Kenny Males, Award-winning Hi Alum (US)

"…I want to thank you very much for these five amazing days and so many [well] made, touching and passionate films - accompanied by the opportunity to make some really nice personal contacts and friends!"

Georg Jungermann, Award-winning Hi Alum (Germany)

"Attended Youth shorts at Hi to see my son's film, and was more than overwhelmed by the quality, art, and emotional power of each and every film on the program. It was, by far, the best collection of shorts I'd ever seen--at any film festival, or anywhere, for that matter, and truly international! Bravo to Hi for their outstanding festival. Plan to see more next year. Thanks for a great experience."

Alyce Conrad

"I really enjoyed myself and the films that I saw … I’ve been to many film and theater festivals, where there will be something great and then something that’s not so great, but you are really, really good at what you do."

Marie Scott, Filmmaker and filmgoer (US)

"It was a great experience for all of us. We instinctivly felt it was the right place for our film and were thrilled to know that you did too. It was great to be made so welcome in Harlem by everyone we met, and to have our eyes opened to a neighbourhood with both a rich and vibrant history and a hugely promising future. It was very hard to leave… and I am sure we will all be back."

James Marquand, Award-winning Hi Alum (UK)

"I have participated in the Harlem International Film Festival Screenplay Competition for years and have been honored to have my work recognized by Hi in 2012 and 2015. Held in a place so many historical, cultural and entertainment influences have called home, I consider the Festival to be a real gem..."

Harold Lea Brown, Award-winning Hi Alum (Canada)

"Amazing films and inspiring festival as always!! Miss everyone already. XO"

Mozell-Miley Bailey, Award-winning Hi Alum (US)

"This weekend was the 1st time in my 63 years I'd ever been to Harlem. The trip was prompted by the film Zemene. I must say you folks did a fantastic job. I understand this was your 10th annual, You keep putting together events like this one and our heirs will be attending the festival in the 100+ annual era. Great job. Thank you for such a memorial visit."

Mike Barry