The 19th Annual Harlem International Film Festival episodic category this year includes comedy, Harlem historical reenactment and travel in search of world musical gems.

6 Train to Parkchester

Directed by J. Swain
Based on a true story, this is a gripping drama about two brothers (Dirk & Jewelz) from the Southeast section of The Bronx.

The film opens after Dirk returns to The Bronx to recover from being shot in the head at Hampton University. Despite his brother’s discouragement, Dirk decides to return to college even though he is still on medication for the pain from his injury. Dirk celebrates his decision with friends by attending the Heavy D – Puff Daddy Celebrity Basketball game.  No one knew that this could be the last major choice he would ever make proving that the only obstacle Dirk was truly unable to overcome – was fate.

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Directed by Sarah Gross
The Corona virus is not over. Nor are the divisions between us. Race and economic situations separate us far more than any ocean.

CONNECTION is a personal, 4 part project which builds a political and historical chronicle of our time through personal stories of daily life from around the world.

The film participants — fifteen people on four continents — live very different lives. They are rich and unemployed, black and white, over eighty and not yet in school. They live in New York, California, Turkey, Germany and South Africa. Personal zoom conversations reveal the experiences we share — and the hard facts which divide us. Our open and even humorous talks reflect the impact of the historical events on all of us.

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Lucy & Sara
Episode 1

Directed by Susan Park
In this dark comedy two unlikely recluse sisters learn to cope with living with each other after the death of their father.

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Rick Younger Presents The Rick Younger Show (Starring Rick Younger as Rick Younger)

Middle aged actor Rick Younger suddenly finds himself out of his Broadway gig and discovers that he must go viral if he wants to have a career.

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Episode Title: Offerings

Directed by Benjamin Steger
Music is a conduit to the divine. “In Balinese there is no word for music,” says ethnomusicologist and gamelan orchestra composer, Wayan Sudirana. Music as both a gift and an offering is deeply ingrained in the Balinese way of life. I Made and Suasthi Bandem train the next generation of Balinese musicians and dancers. Guitar wizard Wayan Balawan innovates by blending traditional gamelan music with jazz. Musical ambassador Nita Aartsen hosts the Tepi Sawah Festival, Bali’s only music festival featuring exclusively Indonesian artists from across the archipelago.

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