2021 Webisode Finalists Go Live

Check out all the 2021 Webisode Award contenders vying for the top spot in the 16th Annual Harlem International Film Festival.

Director: S.J. Finlay
Country: Canada,  Running Time: 21 min
It was a disappointing 2019 for our favourite Canadian Crossfit athletes, Brent Fikowski and Pat Vellner, due to a new structure of progressive and brutal cuts at the 2019 CrossFit Games period. The good news is our heroes have roared back with incredible performances in the 2020 Crossfit Open––led by Pat Vellner’s epic 1st place finish worldwide. Can these two rivals-turned-buddies carry their newfound momentum into 2020 and find redemption at the Games to bring the Maple Leaf back to the podium quest.  Will they be joined by a new mysterious character to represent the equally impressive women Crossfit athletes?
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Director:Ray Smiling
Country: US, Running Time: 15 min
Six stories of human loneliness. Connection. Sex. Quarantine. And all the weird shit ya lil FBI agent sees when you go to them naked people sites and use FaceTime in ways Steve Jobs never intended.
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Director: Daniel Gaymon
Country: US, Running Time: 16 min
Adventure and drama can still be had in a Pandemic. With Broadway shut down and a virus on the loose, neighbors and besties Sharrod and Joey rely on each other to stay afloat in the “new normal”. Ironically, they both end up in Interracial dating situations with an old flame and a newly discovered neighbor.
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Director:  Maurice Porcher
Country: US, Running Time: 32 min
Moe The Mōs creatively follows the transformation of Miami Photographer Rayna DaSant, as she is activated by the racially motivated deaths of several unarmed Black people in 2020.
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Director: Thomas Goggans
Country: US, Running Time: 72 min
Can God heal us from life-altering wrongs committed against us? How do we confidently release the past and find the strength to embrace the future? This is a modern-day Cinderella story about an aspiring artist’s unwillingness to confront her painful history and the journey she takes to encounter what she was least expecting, but undoubtedly needed most.
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Director: Vanessa Awong Eya’a
Country: UK, Running Time: 14 min
June, a Nigerian CEO of a solar company based in Accra, Ghana, thrives on face-to-face contact, but when the pandemic hits, she struggles to unite her dysfunctional pan-African team via Zoom calls and other daunting new technology in order to save the company from bankruptcy.
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