LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE – Friday Night Spotlight

Gavin Guerra’s crucial documentary traces what happened to voter’s rights over the past half century.

Friday Night Spotlight

LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE                                                Upper Manhattan Premiere
Director: Gavin Guerra
Country: US, Running Time: 108 min
Since the founding of this country, who gets to vote has been a contested issue. LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE connects the dots across generations to illustrate how events from over 50 years ago are still reverberating in today’s heated political climate. The narrative follows a Then and Now timeline that shares first person accounts from participants in the Civil Rights Movement as well as meeting present day activists that are fighting to preserve the gains of the past and forge a new path forward. The film will also explore the political fallout following the Voting Rights Act, and how the states came to realign politically and race continued to be a common theme in manipulating and exploiting the motivations of politicians as well as those of the electorate.

Screening followed by Q & A with director Gavin Guerra

Friday, September 11, 2020
7 PM

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