Copy-of-QualityProblems_1.1.3Ten years ago Brooke Purdy was diagnosed with breast cancer.  The first thing she did was tell her husband to start shooting.

This may not have been a typical reaction, but Purdy is a screenwriter and her husband an actor, so for her it was quite natural. She says it allowed her to cope with the reality of the situation.

“At the time, it helped make me not be a victim anymore,” she said. “…finding the humor in any situation, I believe, helps…”

And the film has its share of humor that goes toe to toe with the gravity of the issue.

“That was 10 years ago. So yeah, I fought back. I did so with the help of my husband, kids, friends, family and so, so, so many ‘angels’ I cannot even begin to list them. That first year was terrifying… and hilarious…You can’t live in my family or be a part of our world without a certain amount of ‘gallows humor’ – when all you can do is laugh sometimes.  And man… did we. Between the tears, the late nights, the anxiety and the surgeries… Yes, a lot of laughs.”

“In the time since my diagnosis I have talked to hundreds of women and their families facing a diagnosis and am hoping that this film- which celebrates hope and laughter in a time of crisis will reach many, many more.   If you know and love someone who has been touched by cancer – please share this film with them. Spread HOPE. This is how great stories and connections are really made- one soul to another,” she says.

If you missed the New York premiere of QUALITY PROBLEMS at Harlem International last year, or just want to see it again, then here’s your chance!

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