Award Winners


Bringing to life this important Harlem Renaissance history featuring Rose McClendon and the seminal work of a young Orson Welles, VOODOO MACBETH premiered at Harlem International in 2021, earning three awards including Best Film and Best Actress, and has just been obtained by Lightyear Entertainment for theatrical release this Autumn.

2012 Award Winners

Some of 2012 Award Winners pictured (from left to right) Sangeeta Nambiar, Alex Brüel Flagstad, Bernadine Santistevan, Sebastian Doggart, Fran Tarr, Gene Gallerano, Mozell Miley-Bailey, Tony Ducret, YaVaughnie Wilkins and Zachary Kerschberg BEST FILM True Bromance Sebastian Doggart (UK, US) BEST WORLD FILM A.L.F. Jerome Lescure (France) BEST DOCUMENTARY Herman’s House...